We decided to install LED lighting throughout the entire house, including the porch light. We are really amazed at how little energy LED lighting uses, about a tenth of the energy of the old incandescent bulbs.

While fluorescent bulbs were touted as an energy saving alternative to incandescent bulbs I wasn’t a huge fan of them because they have a few drawbacks that the LED’s don’t share. Fluorescent bulbs use about 3x the energy as LED’s and require time to reach their full light output while the LED bulbs are instant. Fluorescent also contain mercury and other toxins that end up in land fills or your home if you are unlucky enough to have one break.

One thing I like about the 12v LED’s vs 120 AC LED’s is that a lot of the AC (alternating current) LED’s have a 60 hertz flicker to them while the DC (direct current) ones do not.

In the video I talk about the 12v DC strip lighting we used in our lofts, under the shelves in the kitchen and in the bathroom.