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Month: September 2016

Gas Lines and Fungi

I was originally planning on making a video discussing the framing of the tiny house today. Unfortunately I had to go for a long drive after work to check out where a gas line had been marked on a property we have an offer in on. We wanted to know if it would be close enough to our desired building site and also if it would interfere with potential future earth works on this land. There is quite a back story on this property as the seller has been stalling for about 6 weeks hoping to get another buyer with an offer good enough to play us off each other. Suffice to say our patience has been wearing thin but we are hopeful this deal will work out as it ha been the most desirable property we have looked at in several years of hunting.

I did stumble upon a a magnificent fungus.


Film an impromptu video. . . . . .

and caught a caterpillar freeloading a ride with me on the way home. He was released into the wild 🙂



There are several newer blog posts where I do a full walk through of this property:

The Trailer

If one is to build a Tiny House on a Trailer one must first start with a trailer. This Video is the first of many that will chronicle the building process of the Tiny House we currently live in.

Our Tiny house in the Media

Our tiny house as featured on  a Shaw TV promotion for the Edmonton Home and Garden Show.


As featured in the six part Edmonton based documentary Sustainable Me.

Tiny House Introduction

Aimee and I discuss why we decided to build a tiny house and some of the unique features we came up with.



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