Safety First

Framing a tiny house is much like framing a normal house just on a smaller scale. The only real difference is securing the house for transportation. The walls must be attached securely to the trailer and strapping or bracing must be installed to prevent the house from shifting. The extent of these measures will depend on what you have planned for your tiny house. Since we didn’t plan on moving frequently and would only travel at relatively low speeds less extreme measures could be taken. Some of the builds we came across in our research were designed to be towed around all over the place much like a travel trailer. In these cases we saw extensive strapping all the way around the house or even cables attaching the roof to the trailer. Knowing how you plan on using the trailer will help you to determine how much strapping and other reinforcements you will need.

Framed Walls

In this video I walk you through how we framed our walls and roof.

Part 2 of the framing process.