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Birch Firewood for the Hobbit Stove

There is something satisfying about watching chunks of wood fly while chopping firewood. Having a reason to look forward to this chore is a good thing, especially if you have a large pile waiting to be split. Luckily for us, we have a small wood burning stove which mean less work overall.


Small chunks of wood like the piece I am holding are the perfect size for our Hobbit Stove.

When we first started using the Hobbit Stove last March, we were primarily using softwood scraps left over from the Tiny House build. While these scraps were adequate to heat the house I had a feeling they were not the optimal fuel for our stove. This year, I purchased a small amount of birch firewood from one of my friends at the gym.


A large axe is not needed when cutting kindling from such small pieces of wood.

I have certainly been impressed with this firewood. The birch burns both hotter and cleaner than the softwood scraps. Sometimes if the air mixture is just right the flames are more blue than orange or yellow. A blue flame is a good indicator of a clean burn and that the primary gases being produced will be carbon dioxide. An orange flame means there is incomplete burning occurring and more carbon monoxide and other pollutants are being produced.


This was a tough one! You can see the knot in the piece of wood in the left picture.

In the following video I discuss how impressed I am with how clean our birch firewood burns! One thing I didn’t mention in the video which I covered in a previous post was how much higher the energy content of birch is compared to spruce or pine. This makes a noticeable difference in the amount of heat produced and how long the wood burns.


  1. Hi, wondering where you got your hobbit stove? We live in BC. Having difficulty locating a dealer.

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