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Renegade: an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

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Youtube Channel Update

A brief update on the future of this channel and a surprise!


Hatchet Multi Tool In Action

I review a hatchet multi tool I found in the garage the other day. It works surprisingly well for splitting the Hobbit Stove firewood into kindling. I am skeptical of the quality of construction though.

Next Generation Carbon Capture

What if the carbon dioxide created from burning fossil fuels could be captured and used to make a variety of products? It’s already being done, here is how.

Full Interview with Carlo Montemagno:

Carlo Montemagno Bio:

Carbon Xprize:

Alberta Carbon Tax – What they’re not Telling You

I talk about the police state measures in Alberta’s Carbon Tax bill as well as some of the secondary effects of phasing out coal that will also lead to higher fuel costs.


Alberta Carbon Tax, Money Grab?

The first installment of “Renegade’s Rants.” My thoughts on the recently implemented Alberta Carbon Tax.

Merry Christmas!

Aimee and I are spending time with our friends and family over the holidays so there might not be anymore new videos until the new year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

So what’s this renegade stuff all about?

I feel that people generally view renegades in a negative way. Renegades are often seen as rebels and outlaws, for sometimes coming into violent conflict with the government or power structure of the time.  However that is just one type of renegade.  The renegades I admire are the ones who challenged established beliefs and doctrines in a peaceful manner. They were often persecuted in their time for bucking the system and challenging conventional thought. In the end though history shows that they were right.

One definition of renegade I found is:

someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled

Another is:

an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

Using these definitions we can see that some of the greatest people in history were renegades. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Galileo and even Jesus were renegades. Their ideas certainly scared the power structure of the time and in the end they made positive lasting change.

When I look out at the world and many of the problems we commonly hear about I can’t help but think the world has gone insane. Not only are many of the problems we are supposed to be worried about not real problems but the solutions presented to us by politicians and the media are asinine and nonsensical. I’m hoping by sharing my thoughts with the world I can help influence change in a positive way.


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