Installing the corner trim was a  bit tricky. The corners are covered by two pieces of trim. The inconsistencies of the exterior walls can make lining the trim up difficult if each piece is installed separately. Tacking them together first and installing them together as a unit was much easier.


I used fairly large finishing nails and sunk them just below the surface of the trim with a punch. I nailed once approximately every foot.


Here Aimee helps me to hold the assembled corner trim in place while I secured it to the house.


I wish I had more detailed pictures of the door install but unfortunately I could only find a few.

The door install was fairly similar to the window install. I started out by flashing the base of the door frame the same way I did the windows.


Once that was done I placed the door in the wall. I shimmed the sides as necessary to center the door and to make sure that it was level, square and plumb. I had a fair bit of extra space so some of the shims were small chunks of plywood. Once I was satisfied with the position of the door, and that it would open and latch properly, I secured the door frame to the wall with 3″ screws.


Here I am measuring the side trim for the door. You can see that the bottom piece of door trim is already installed in these pictures. I installed the sides next and then the top.


If you are wondering about the window trim I will cover those details in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned!