We had a request to know more about the dish drying racks in our kitchen and I thought it was a great idea for a short post.

The racks are from Ikea and can be mounted on the wall, set on a counter or in  a sink. If you are interested, the product name is Fintorp and they are $16.99 CAD each.

We positioned our drying racks over the sink to keep the counter space free and so that any stray drips not caught by the trays would fall into the sink.

The pine paneling wasn’t thick enough to support the racks long term so we added a thicker pine backing board to the studs and secured the racks to that instead.

The kitchen ceiling is low so we have shelving over the counters instead of cupboards. We put our dishes on the shelf next to the drying rack so putting dishes away would be less work.

Overall the racks work great but our one complaint is that the drip trays are galvanized steel and still rust on the inside. We are not sure why they didn’t just make plastic drip trays.

At least the sides haven’t corroded too badly yet.