If you are building a tiny house having it sheltered out of the rain and wind is best. However, we were able to complete our tiny house without this luxury. Once we erected the walls we had to tarp the house to keep rain off of the subfloor because it wasn’t waterproof and we wanted to keep the insulation under it dry. One morning at about 3:00 a.m we awoke to the sounds of a downpour. Both of us had the feeling we should check on the house.  Sure enough the tarps had failed to some degree and a large area of the floor was covered with water. We spent around an hour in the middle of the night sopping up the water with towels and wringing them out (that’s dedication!)  Later in the week, I lifted part of the subfloor as much as possible to see if there was water under the OSB and a significant amount was sitting on the vapor barrier. More toweling ensued and after that we set a fan to blow  air under the partly lifted subfloor. Eventually it dried out but boy was it a pain 🙁

This is the morning after the flood.



The first video I made of our tiny house build. This is a small addition to a slideshow I narrated in Framing part 1.