My brother and his fiancé hadn’t seen our property yet so we had them out on the weekend to take a look around. There were a few things I wanted to check while I was out there so we decided to make a little video as well. The property was very beautiful, covered in snow and we saw plenty of evidence of what may have been elk while we were walking through some bush on the far side of the creek. We also saw a muskrat under the ice of the creek which was pretty cool.



I’m very happy we found such a picturesque piece of land.


The tiny frozen creek. We saw a muskrat under the ice when we were crossing over with the ladder.


This picture could be used as the backdrop for a horror movie poster. This shack was left on the property. The prior owner must have come to grab his stuff but didn’t have a key so he removed the door.

In the video I look at an area on the other side of the creek I haven’t seen yet and check out the condition of the fence. We also measure a damaged culvert for replacement next year.