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Living in a Tiny House: A Year in Review

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are some incredibly innovative and well designed tiny houses being built around the globe. We often find ourselves watching videos of these beautifully crafted and cozy tiny houses from our own humble abode.  We also find ourselves pausing from time to time to ponder is that really practical? Sometimes the answer is an obvious no, and other times the answer is it depends on your lifestyle, or how you’re using that tiny home. Some tiny houses appear to completely lack storage solutions, food prep areas, or basic necessities. But all of these choices could make sense if you’re on the move, you enjoy minimalist living, you live in an urban area where food is readily available, or other lifestyle factors. What these decisions really boil down to is what works for the home owner. This is also the most beautiful part of tiny living – the myriad of creative solutions waiting to be discovered!

Even so, when we see a tiny house that doesn’t make sense to us, we itch for that year-in-review episode to see if the design really was effective or if they would make changes. With that in mind, we decided to do our own year in review. We’ve been in our quaint mini mansion for a year now, and we’ve experienced it in all four Canadian seasons. We really wanted to be honest about what worked well and what didn’t. Would we make different decisions if we had to do it all over again? Probably. Do we regret building and living in a tiny house? Not at all! Take a look at what we discovered.

A Complete Review of the Splendide 2100XC – Washer/Dryer Combo
Fixing the Splendide 2100XC – Washer/Dryer Combo

A special thank you to Sustainable Me for granting us access to additional footage of our tiny house. See more about the Sustainable Me project here:


  1. Proud of you both. What a fun and challenging year. Thanks for sharing. Aunt Pat.

  2. Hi both,
    I guess this will seem a bit crazy to you but I am sitting in a house in the country in the Peak District in the U.K. and have just watched your vid on living in a tiny house for a year. I got to your blog because we were looking at getting a Hobbit stove for the front part of our downstairs area here ( we have a bigger wood burner in the back) and I was looking for reviews. I have been watching a series on Sky about Tiny Houses so was also interested to see your experience of living in one.
    Here we are on the grid so have oil fired heating as well as our stoves. Of course our temps are nothing like yours but we are in the highest village in the national park so it is regularly chillier and windier here. We have a small brick fireplace in the front so it’s looking like the Hobbit is what we want and once we realised that it was working for you in -20 it was a no- brainier!!
    We have been to different parts of Canada around 12-14 times on vacation and we totally love it in winter or summer. We love the space, and the totally amazing natural environment. It’s why we moved here actually – we also have wide vistas and hills so the closest we could get without leaving family and emigrating.
    Will keep up with your blog etc – hope all is going well for you.

    Jo Lewis

    • Hey, Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. We had twins recently and between taking care of them working and also some other projects I have little time to keep up with everything. Thanks for sharing that little bit about you and choosing the hobbit stove. Did you end up getting it? Also thanks for checking in on the blog.

  3. Hi,
    It’s amazing to hear from you!! First, congratulations re the twins! That will be hard work but they will have such a cool life with you! Hope all is going well with them.
    Yes, we did get a Hobbit stove – if I can copy a pic onto here I will. It has been really great – the stove is so easy to get going, and then is so controllable! It chucks out plenty of heat for us in the evenings in our living space so is also saving us on oil for the oil fired heating system we have. It is just about fall here now, and although obviously our temps are nothing like yours, it is pretty windy and wet here most of the time and we are often in the cloud base as we are very high up.
    Hope all continues to be great with the Tiny House and your family. Thanks loads again for getting back to me.
    Jo. 😊😊
    Doesn’t look like I can copy and paste or attach a pic☹️

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