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Paper Bag Flooring Tutorial

Choosing the flooring for the tiny house was another calculated decision. We had to think about sub-flooring, material weight, loss of head space and durability during transport. Luckily, my mom is a rather handy do-it-yourselfer who is always exploring practical and creative home improvement projects. She’d come across an article about paperbag flooring and the various techniques in which it could be applied. She had acquired a large roll of brown packing paper and had cut plank strips, then used a wood textured roller to stain each one. Using this method she was able to make her floor appear as though it was hardwood. We decided this light weight and cost effective method was one to be explored. We discovered a method of ripping and crumpling the paper which gave the floor a beautiful leather appearance and were sold on the idea. My mom did a few test boards for us to help us decide on how dark we wanted the floor, then she came over with her supplies and gave us a tutorial on the process. We spent a day together finishing the kitchen. Aimee’s mom came over another weekend and helped her tackle the removable floors pieces. Finally, Aimee took on the bathroom, stairs and remaining bits of floor. Each time I would come in and seal the floor with polyurethane. Overall we invested 25 – 30 hours into the floor, but we are happy with how it looks and how it’s held up in durability. Tune in to our tutorial for the step by step process.



  1. Interesting and great idea. Flooring can be such an investment plus all the VOCs that go with some of them. This helps you in many ways plus saving the height of space helps too…

    • Thanks Kurt! We are pretty happy with the flooring so far. It holds up surprisingly well when wet and if you damage it by dropping something, (like a whole yogurt container of hole saws…. . .) it is fairly easy to repair. 🙂

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