We woke up one morning to find a bunch of baby steers had invaded our yard. They must have liked my permaculture test plot more than I did because they ate about half of it to the ground!

I noticed them in the yard first thing in the morning and didn’t want them to hang around and cause damage so I shooed them off into the hay field behind the yard. I left for work confident that, in a few hours, whichever farmer had lost the cattle would notice and come round them up. not only were they not claimed that afternoon, the cattle also managed to find their way over to the test plot where they gobbled up most of my comfrey and radishes! Somehow, the trees were not badly damaged, thank goodness.

When I arrived home from work they were still in the hay field. I spent a couple of hours talking to all the neighbors and eventually figured out to which farmer they belonged. It was quite late in the day before anyone come by to round them up but at least they made their way home safely and wouldn’t be causing any more damage to the yard.

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