Tiny House Blogs

Living Tiny Canada – A great blog that covers some of the challenges of living in a tiny house in Canada.

Edmontiny – Edmonton based tiny house blog produced by some really cool tiny house advocates.

Building Tools

Sagulator – This tool calculates the amount of sag in shelving. We used it to calculate if the sag in our raised floor and lofts would be acceptable. Probably not the intent of this tool but so far so good!

DC Cable Gauge Calculator – Calculate the size of the wiring needed for your DC project to minimize energy losses.

PVWatts Calculator – Useful tool to help calculate the monthly power output of a solar system.

Roof Pitch Calculator – Need to figure out a roof pitch or how the pitch might effect the amount of materials needed?


Hardy Plant Nurseries for Cold Climate Permaculture

Permaculture Resources

How to Evaluate a Homestead Property – 12 Important Considerations – Some of the main points to take into consideration when hunting for that  perfect homestead property.


Sweeps Library – Database that compares the energy density of dozens of different types of firewood.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Me – A five part documentary series about sustainable alternatives to housing, transportation, food production and more!