There are many different considerations when deciding on what type of siding to use on a tiny house on a trailer. We wanted to keep both the weight of the siding and underlying sheathing as low as possible. The trailer had to be no more that 8′ 6″ wide for road travel so minimizing the siding width helped us keep the house narrow. Another benefit to less siding material was maximizing the interior space of the house as well. The siding we choose for our tiny house is LP SmartSiding. It is relatively light and doubles as a structure rated exterior sheathing. Not having to use OSB allowed us to save about 50 lbs and $10 per sheet. The LP SmartSiding width is relatively narrow in comparison to other wood, metal or vinyl siding products. We nailed the SmartSiding directly over the foam using 2 ½” spiral nails. The installation instructions noted that using this siding over the foam was acceptable as long as the nails were spiral nails and went at least 1 ½ inches into the studs.

The siding was installed vertically and has built in overlapping seams on the sides of the sheets. Our walls were more then 8′ high so we used Z flashing between rows of siding to make sure that water would not find a way in behind the siding at the seam.

We installed the LP SmartSiding on our tiny house September 2014 and so far we are happy with the way it has performed.