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Skirting the Tiny House

Our original plan was to use spray foam under the trailer to seal up any remaining cracks where our foam insulation wasn’t able to reach. Unfortunately, winter crept up on us and before long we needed an alternate solution. As a temporary solution, we decided to skirt the house with UV protected foam insulation boards. Skirting the house would allow us to retain more heat  under the house by blocking drifting snow and cold air. Our water bladder for the house sits under our center floor, just above the trailer and we wanted to take precautionary measures to ensure the water lines, and the bladder itself, didn’t freeze as the temperatures dropped. We’ve since encountered two back to back weeks of frigid temperatures and can say, with a sign of relief, that our lines have remained open and our water bladder has remained liquid. The extreme cold snap did bring us a few other challenges, but you’ll have to stay tuned to read about those.


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  1. Nice job, I’m sure it certainally helps cut the cold! I will be doing the same next year..

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