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Mega Update Part 3, Alternating Stairs, Hobbit Stove, Raised Floor

In this blog post, I cover some of the unique features of our off grid capable tiny house including the alternating stairs, with built in storage, the mechanical components under the raised floor, and the Hobbit Stove.

Our Hobbit Stove:

The other mini wood stove mentioned in the video:

More in this series:

Alternating Stairs, Shower, Ladder and More! Mega Update part 2

These stairs were built from scratch out of finishing 1×6’s. One of the things we contemplated was how we would attach the stairs so they would be easy to remove if we needed to get under the floor to maintain the battery bank. The solution I can came up with was to use hinges to attach the top of the ladder. This is an inexpensive solution and much more stable then other methods I have seen. This ladder is still holding up well after 9 months.

During the build process we did our best to eliminate toxic materials where possible. One of the things we wanted to eliminate was a toxic mattress, especially since we would be sleeping on it for 7-8 hours every night. We ended up buying a natural latex mattress with an organic cotton cover. It doesn’t look like it but this is a 6″ thick queen size mattress


The second part of our tiny house Mega Update. I discuss our hand built ladder,  alternating staircase, shower, bedroom loft, bathroom lighting and mattress.

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