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Buying Homestead Land: Assessment Part 2

In this second property assessment video I go further into the property to see what other features it offers. The far pasture is split by a long narrow stand of trees that I suspect (at the time I made the video) has a small ravine in it. The pasture to the north of these trees will be cooler due to the shade they produce while the pasture to the south will not only have more sun exposure but also benefit from the windbreak the trees will provide.

I also talk about the firewood potential of a stand of birch. Birch is usually the best firewood available in Alberta. I have heard that tamarack is very good firewood, although I have never personally tried it. How do they stack up in terms of MBTU’s ( Million British Thermal Units) per cord?

  • Birch 20.0
  • Tamarack 19.5
  • Black Spruce 15.3

Source: Sweeps Library



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Buying Homestead Land: Assessment Part 1

A while back I posted about a trip I made to a property to check a gas line. Well, the good news is we bought this property!

This video is Part 1 of a series where I walk through and discuss the potential of  this property before we had even put in an offer. I touch on topics such as south facing slope, water, and the importance of windbreaks.

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