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Buying Homestead Land: Assessment Part 3

I discuss the potential of a boggy area at the back of the property, how I might improve the water quality in the stream and where some good locations to add ponds might be. I also touch on the importance of meeting the neighbors and getting a feeling for what nearby towns are like.

For those of you wondering about the peat moss mentioned in the video.  I walked through the property again after making this video and I came across what I thought was peat moss.


Looks like peat moss….

A few days later I was looking at some online maps and discovered large areas of land near this property that appeared to be stripped bare. As it turns out there is a company that harvests and sells peat nearby so this area has large peat deposits. The peat turned out to be a little side bonus as the soil on this property is a heavy clay soil, especially in the areas that have been heavily cultivated. Having this peat moss could come in handy for when we are able to set up garden beds and need to amend the soil.

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Buying Homestead Land: Assessment Part 2

In this second property assessment video I go further into the property to see what other features it offers. The far pasture is split by a long narrow stand of trees that I suspect (at the time I made the video) has a small ravine in it. The pasture to the north of these trees will be cooler due to the shade they produce while the pasture to the south will not only have more sun exposure but also benefit from the windbreak the trees will provide.

I also talk about the firewood potential of a stand of birch. Birch is usually the best firewood available in Alberta. I have heard that tamarack is very good firewood, although I have never personally tried it. How do they stack up in terms of MBTU’s ( Million British Thermal Units) per cord?

  • Birch 20.0
  • Tamarack 19.5
  • Black Spruce 15.3

Source: Sweeps Library



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Buying Homestead Land: Assessment Part 1

A while back I posted about a trip I made to a property to check a gas line. Well, the good news is we bought this property!

This video is Part 1 of a series where I walk through and discuss the potential of  this property before we had even put in an offer. I touch on topics such as south facing slope, water, and the importance of windbreaks.

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Gas Lines and Fungi

I was originally planning on making a video discussing the framing of the tiny house today. Unfortunately I had to go for a long drive after work to check out where a gas line had been marked on a property we have an offer in on. We wanted to know if it would be close enough to our desired building site and also if it would interfere with potential future earth works on this land. There is quite a back story on this property as the seller has been stalling for about 6 weeks hoping to get another buyer with an offer good enough to play us off each other. Suffice to say our patience has been wearing thin but we are hopeful this deal will work out as it ha been the most desirable property we have looked at in several years of hunting.

I did stumble upon a a magnificent fungus.


Film an impromptu video. . . . . .

and caught a caterpillar freeloading a ride with me on the way home. He was released into the wild 🙂



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