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Splendide 2100XC Full Review

After using the Splendide 2100XC for a full year we give our opinion on the performance of this Washer/Dryer Combo and some helpful tips to getting the most out of it. Is it the best choice for a tiny house or RV?

The one main issue we had with this machine was when the internal exhaust tube became clogged with lint. The issue wasn’t too hard to fix and if it happens again we will be able to remedy it lot easier the second time now that we know what to do. The lint clog may be preventable with a different exhaust vent on the outer wall. We believe the reason for the backup was a combination of  condensation and cold temperatures causing the exhaust flap to stick shut. Other than that, we haven’t really had any major problems with the 2100XC. Here you can watch me Fixing the Splendide Washer/Dryer Combo.

For a machine that is the size of a dishwasher it performs quite well and is fairly easy on our water use at 9-16 gallons per wash. It also only uses 11 Amps 120AC power. We even considered putting it under the counter in the kitchen for awhile but decided we had more space to spare in the bathroom and having dirty undies in the kitchen was a bit weird.

The final verdict is that the Splendide 2100XC performs quite well for it’s price and size, and since it was made for RV use you don’t have to worry about it breaking as you drive down the road. We give it a B+ rating (and I’m stingy on giving high ratings, even on my wife’s cooking!)

Hatchet Multi Tool In Action

I review a hatchet multi tool I found in the garage the other day. It works surprisingly well for splitting the Hobbit Stove firewood into kindling. I am skeptical of the quality of construction though.

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