In many ways our electrical system is more complicated then that of a regular house because of both the AC and DC circuits. At this point we were probably about half way through the electric system install.


Even though we are running DC lighting throughout the entire house we still used standard electrical boxes and switches.



These 8 gauge wires are for a DC plug that will be used to run the office when we don’t want to have the large inverter on. The longer the distance and the more amps that will be run through a DC circuit the bigger the wires need to be to reduce power losses to resistance.



Before the electrical system was powered up we brought power in through the window using an extension cord.

I had quite the cough the day I filmed this video. Bare with me, there is some coughing , shaky video and wind noise. It was better to make the video when I did then wait till I was further along in the build. At this point we had a lot going on at once.

The DC current wire gauge calculator I said I would post.