At this point in the build I had just finished installing the majority of our off grid tiny house’s plumbing and was testing it for leaks. You also get a good look at our water storage bladder under the raised floor.

Our original plan was to have a hard sided water tank under the floor but when we went to buy it the company that sold the specific size and shape we needed was sold out. We didn’t want our progress to stall while we waited for the tank so we decided to switch to a water bladder instead. The benefit of the bladder was that we could install under the floor any time whereas the tank would need to have the floor built around it. One lesson to take from this is to purchase your materials ahead of time, if you can, to prevent unanticipated delays.

The bladder we purchased is a 150 gallon Aquatank 2. It is sold as an emergency water storage bladder but the reviews and torture test on YouTube convinced us to give it a try. So far, after 9 months of use, it has been holding up well. There is still some more room under the floor so we may upgrade to a custom sized tank in the future.