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Tree Nurseries for Cold Climate Permaculture Projects Part 2

There is a much wider variety of fruits and nuts available to the northern gardener than are commonly grown but you really have to hunt them down. Having more people work with these food producing trees and bushes will increase the odds of exceptionally suited selections of these plants being discovered. Many of the best fruit trees for northern gardens and farms were just stumbled upon in someones yard. The Evans Cherry is a good example of this as it was found in an old orchard in 1976 on a piece of land near Edmonton that was to be leveled for a federal jail. Up until that time the general consensus was that cherries couldn’t be grown on Alberta’s prairies. That tree had been there since at least 1923 just waiting to be rediscovered.

After recording the the first video on cold climate nurseries I came across several more nurseries worth mentioning and felt like another video was in order. I want to stress that ordering early in the year is important because nurseries often sell out come spring time. If you wait until planting time to order you may miss out on many varieties they carry or be past their designated shipping time frames.

Tree nurseries mentioned in this video:

Part 1


  1. Another great nursery I should mention is little tree nursary outside of Saskatoon. Lots of variety in their stock and worth a look especially for more rare stock

  2. I watched both part 1 and part 2 of your reviews of cold climate nurseries. Thanks very much for doing that work. I found you on permies and, earlier by a google search. I am in the US, Maine specifically so cold climate information is a good thing. I have been working on a nursery here for a long time and believe it has developed into a good resource here in the US. I don’t ship live plants out of the country, mostly because of the customs restrictions. I do buy quite a bit of stock in Quebec, and enjoy traveling each year to pick it up. My farm is Foxgreen Farms and our plants and seeds are our jiovi® brand. The web address is We do ship seeds to Canada. I’d love to hear your impression of the website. I made it and like it but it’s my baby and sometimes it is difficult seeing the “forest through the trees” when it is that close to heart. Great work and Thanks! – Tom

    • Matthew

      February 28, 2017 at 14:23

      Hi Tom, that is a really nice looking site and you seem to have a good selection of trees, seeds and mushroom spawn. I’m probably not going to be making a 3rd hardy tree nurseries video this year but I will give your site a mention on Permies, and link you in my resources page. I’m a little disappointed you don’t ship to Canada because you have some interesting zone 3 plants.

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