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Tree Nurseries for Cold Climate Permaculture Projects

Something I forgot to mention in the following video is that mail order nurseries often sell out of much of their product months before they ship their trees out in the spring. In order to receive the specific product you’re looking for you’ll need to be placing your orders by January and February, otherwise the availability decreases quickly as spring approaches.

I Review the websites of several nurseries I have found online that have the best selection of trees for permaculture projects in cold climate zones. These nurseries have a wide assortment of trees, bushes and shrubs that are adapted to growing zones 2-5. Some of them are focused more on fruit and nut trees while a couple have a greater variety of support and wind break species.

The tree nurseries mentioned in this video:

Part 2


  1. We’ve ordered from treetime were quite pleased. I found their costs and shipping were decently priced too. Some nurseries are quite hard to find out there especially on the web. I know of abother near Bon accord and also Sherwood forests near Warburg(ordered some black walnuts from them). Also a good place to look are seasonal garden centers like can tire, I picked up a bunch 3 yr old gojis and haskaps for a few dollars each at clearance!

    The gov’t used to supply trees at no charge to promote shelter belt planting on farms but unfortunately they discontinued the program back in 2013 I believe.

    • Matthew

      February 14, 2017 at 23:14

      Thanks for those additional sources Kurt! I had heard of Sherwood Forests but I sort of forgot about them.

      How long have you had the black walnuts and how have they performed? I am definitely interested in these but they weren’t on the top of my list of things to try just because I was unsure how they would do in this climate.

      • I just ordered them for this upcoming season so we’ll see. I got in contact with the owner and he said he got his from a place in Manitoba. His are still in above ground pots. He also mentioned he knows of a large one growing in a yard in St. Albert that drops several pails of nuts a year. So hearing that I’m hopeful!

        Depends on the data, we our selfs are located in zone 2a-2b. Another source says we are in zone 3. On average at least during winter we are 3-5 degrees colder than Edmonton I’ve noticed. So far just to be safe I’ve only planted fruit trees that are rated for zone 2. But I think my inner farm yard with the thick north-east-west shelter belt and full south exposure that we might be a healthy zone 3. So in saying this you can always take a risk and try get a tree that is rated for a higher zone. Try locate or create a micro climate somewhere in your land!

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